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MastamindZ Paintball


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equipment for sale
Marker pictues and specs.

name:James Kramer AKA Uncle Krama dama
location: Saint james ny
where are you from : Hell
feild play: Pissed off Back player
hobbies: paintball mokin bass music sk8in
current: impulse
fav:e-mag or matrix
AOL screenname:joecamel587
Sal Giarrizzo
 Nick name: Rizzo
I come form the mean streets of saint james
love the game of paintball and I play football
on the side, I Play back and dominate all, That comes All wipers Blow the Cock
Aim: Paintballa221
Anthony Deturris....Nick Name: Clit....
Loc: Smithtown....
Feild Play: Front Runner, Watch Your Ass!.....
Gun: 2001 WGP AutoCocker, With Upgrades Coming.....
Other Shit: I Play Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, I Snowboard And Wakeboard.....
AIM: STownLaxx222