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MastamindZ Paintball
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Marker pictues and specs.

Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website. We are a local 5 man team from long island New York. here you can find all our news markers bios pics ect. our local feild is Cousion's Paintball indoor.


10-19-02 its kramer i got a new gun mags gone i got impulse check the equipment sections for what i got on it and a pic -kramer
1-12-03 Its me sal I just orderes an matrix with 16 inch barrel AA and maybe be thinking about selling impulse . Ill post if i decide -Sal
1-26-03 I sent back the matrix and bought an ANGEL so good thingd happen to me ill tell u more when i get it.
1-30-02 Its Kramer jsorry i havent been editing the site often because i have been busy.. but we have bad news Joe cury has dropped fromt eh team because hes going to college. SO WE ARE RECRUTING PLAYERS CONACT ME
2-1-02 We got a new player John huges ill put up his gun and stuff son CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES and i updated the eqipment and put up ant's cocker  Peace-kramer